Qualification Criteria

  • 51% or more of the individuals who are full-time equivalent employees and/or are participating in, or have completed, transitional employment training are from historically disadvantaged/equity seeking groups and/or have systemic barriers to employment.
  • The primary purpose of the social enterprise is to create social, environmental or cultural value and impact.
  • The social enterprise’s principal operations are based in Canada.
  • The social enterprise operates as a supplier of products and/or services to other businesses.
  • If the social enterprise is incorporated it must be in a manner to support, promote, and ensure stakeholder value over shareholder value.
  • The sale of goods and services is a principal revenue source of the social enterprise.
  • The social enterprise reinvests or distributes more than half of their profits towards their social purpose.
  • The social enterprise is growth-oriented.
  • The social enterprise operates in a transparent and responsible manner.