• Complete the Application for Social Enterprise Supplier Diversity Qualification and the 51% Criteria Form and email documents to
  • A cheque for the non-refundable processing fee of $275 plus applicable GST/HST must be sent to the Social Purchasing Project in order to process the application (this fee is currently being waived until further notice.)
  • All information supplied is kept confidential.
  • You will receive a notification confirming receipt of your application form.
  • Upon receipt, the Social Purchasing Project will review the application to ensure completeness.
  • If complete, the Social Purchasing Project will schedule an onsite inspection. The applicant will be contacted to confirm the date/time and sent a checklist of documents, reports and related information that must be readily available during the onsite inspection.
  • If incomplete, the applicant will be notified and the application will be returned for re-submission.


  • The Social Purchasing Project will coordinate an onsite assessment of the applicant’s social enterprise to review documentation and verify information in the application. The assessor will complete a report and a supporting document checklist, however, no copies of documents will be made or taken off-site.


  • The assessor will send the completed assessment report and checklist to the Social Purchasing Project.
  • If all requirements have been met, the Social Purchasing Project will approve the application and notify the applicant.
  • The certified social enterprise will be added to the Social Purchasing Project website and database, and basic contact and company information will be provided to Social Purchasing Project’s network of organizations seeking certified social enterprises.
  • The certification is valid for one year, at which time a renewal is required.
  • If all certification requirements have not been met, the Social Purchasing Project will notify the applicant that their application has been declined (with reasons identified). No refund is provided.

For more information please contact:

Alexandra Mutinelli-Djukic, Manager
T: 416-312-6315

Social Purchasing Project
26 Wellington Street East, 12th Floor
Toronto, ON M5E 1S2