Textile and Sewing

World Tailors

World Tailors Products:

– reversible chef’s apron is made in 3 sizes: Master Cook, Junior Cook, Wee Cook
– Market Bags – a sturdy addition to any shopping trip by foot or bike
– Garden Bistro Aprons – a half apron for the kitchen, garden or craft room
– Baby Bandana Bibs
– Custom chef’s aprons for businesses or events

Social Value
World Tailors is a community of refugee and immigrant women who create beautiful, high-quality chefs aprons and market bags in their new home, London, Ontario.

World Tailors provides a welcoming place to develop skills; sewing, marketing, banking, business practices and English. Most importantly, World Tailors builds community, pride, and self-confidence.

Clients include Kiss The Cook, Edgar and Joe’s, Jill’s Table, Momos At The Market

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