Fleet Services

The Detailing Knights
143 Heartlake Road, Brampton, ON L6W 3K1

The Detailing Knights provide an environmentally friendly car cleaning service for customer vehicles or company fleets. Mobile service provides cleaning at client’s location for added convenience. Power washing and janitorial services also available.

exterior vehicle cleaning • interior cleaning • location cleaning

Social Value: The Detailing Knights assist individuals, particularly those from low-income neighbourhoods that face multiple barriers to employment, to learn how to become entrepreneurs. Ranging from mental illness, conflict with the law or lack of academic education, our program helps them start a small business and gain the skills needed to live an independent and sustained life. The entrepreneur leadership training provides employment with Detailing Knights and workshops to build personal and social skills that help these individuals directly while also building up our communities.

Clients include Zipcar Toronto/Avis Rent a Car, Toronto Hyundai, Stouffville Toyota, and Mississauga Parking Enforcement to name a few.

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