Environmental Services

ReBoot Canada
c/o Evergreen Brick Works
Centre for Green Cities, 102-550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4W 3X8

reBOOT Canada is your resource for:
• Top quality, reliable, new and refurbished computers and accessories
• Support for small and medium-sized Windows networks and Microsoft cloud-based networks (e.g. Office 365) to private enterprise, community and not for profit organizations
• Fully managed public access internet facilities hosted by your organization and used by your clients
• Retail repair and support services in our stores and at client sites
• Secure removal, auditing, refurbishing and recycling of end of life of IT assets
Social Value: reBOOT Canada runs programs with the goal of bridging the digital divide. Since 1995, we have provided low-cost computers to qualified individuals as well as to not-for-profit groups across Canada. More recently, we installed a cluster of free WiFi access points in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood. reBOOT Canada hires people with barriers to employment at our branches, both as direct hires and through various employment support programs. Over 20 years ago, reBOOT Canada was originally founded on advocacy for the diversion of electronic waste from landfill into sustainable recycling and reuse streams and we continue to be guided by those values today.
Clients include Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre (Toronto), Weston Front Lines (Toronto), John Howard Society (Peterborough), Native Women’s Resource Centre (Toronto), Lac Lacroix First Nation Health Centre (Fort Frances, ON), and La Porte Jaune/The Yellow Door (Montreal)

(416) 534-6017 ext. 2
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